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PONIME was created by a husband and wife team. With founder, Frankie Flanagan, being a celebrity hairstylist, there was always the need for an Instagram ready ponytail. Looking after artists is what really constantly highlighted the need for the brand. Creating larger than life ponytails for stage work takes a lot of extension glue, backcombing, multiple extensions, cutting and shaping extensions, teasing and hair spraying.

A PONIME extension is an awesome way to boost a hairstyle.
Without the need for excessive damage, teasing or heat.

“Before PONIME a stage ready ponytail would take me about 90mins. And it was rather painful. To be able to do the same style now, in 20 minutes with so much less damage has changed how I look after my artists, clients and most importantly MYSELF! I have very thin hair so having a poni.me has changed my life and the way I style hair.”

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There are so many different types of hair and price points. With daily experience with extensions and hair pieces and over 10 years of personal experience of having hair extensions in my hair, it was very obvious for me what level of quality I wanted.

Hair quality spans from s of synthetic hair to the highest quality human hair, prices can range from $80-$8000! We have chosen a high-grade Remy human hair, that has been ethically sourced so we have the perfect sweet spot of high quality, a guilt-free product without an excessively high price point. If their hair is properly taken care of, your product should last you a few years (if used weekly). Available online & in our hair extensions salon Sydney, we also have a barber near bondi juction styling for men.

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